DDoS Attacks are More Successful Than Ever

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DDoS attacks have changed dramatically over the past few years. Preparing for “common” DDoS attacks is no longer enough.

Protection, Prevention & Mitigation Have Never Been More Critical

In 2019, three of four DDoS attacks impacted organizations’ infrastructure with partial service degradation or a complete outage.

DDoS attacks are no longer just simple network floods. According to Radware research, 91% of organizations that incurred a DDoS attack indicated that the application layer was the preferred vector.

In 2019, two new DDoS attack vectors came to light that leverage amplification attacks, a favorite vector in the DDoS-for-hire industry.


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What are clients saying about us

"Radware’s powerful machine learning, combined with their hybrid DDoS mitigation solution allows us to get the best of both worlds – minimum human intervention and maximum peace of mind"

- Eric Thierry,
CISO, Manutan

"Radware delivers tremendous value in the form of a broad suite of DDoS mitigation solutions to meet the specific needs of any enterprise— DDoS defense solutions that are integrated, and that leverage the latest cutting-edge DDoS mitigation technologies to stop even the most determined threat actors.”

- Chris Rodriguez
Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Why Radware?

Widest Coverage with Multi-Layered DDoS Protection

Automated, Behavioral-Based, Zero-Day DDoS Protection

Take a Deeper Dive

IDC Marketscape Worldwide DDoS Prevention SolutionsRadware was named an industry leader in the IDC Marketscape Worldwide DDoS Prevention Solutions 2019 report. Download the report to find out why. 

On-Demand, Always-On, or Hybrid? Choosing an Optimal Solution for DDoS ProtectionWhether it’s an on-demand, always-on, or hybrid solution, each approach has its own benefits and challenges. Find out what the best option is for your organization. 

The Million Dollar Question of Cyber-Risk: Invest Now or Pay Later?Organizations must reevaluate how they balance the investment versus risk equation and alter how and when they implement cybersecurity. 

Radware offers optimal DDoS protection and mitigation services to meet any organization’s needs, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

What makes Radware’s cloud DDoS protection services better?

What makes DefensePro a better DDoS defense device?

Flexible Diversion to Meet Any Need

Robust Global Cloud Security Network

Smart SSL Attack Mitigation

Dedicated, Hardware to Fight Attacks

Behaviorial-Based Detection for Highest Accuracy

Smart SSL Attack Mitigation

Automated Zero-Day DDoS Attack Protection

High Mitigation Capacity to Support Large Scale Organizations

Bi-Directional Visibility to Stop Sophisticated Attacks